Hope is found here.

Customized Care for Hope and Healing

We know that hurting people and their families are often running low on hope when they seek treatment. That’s where we come in. We’re here to remind you that change is possible and you can find healing. Maybe you’re having a hard time believing that today. That’s alright. We’ll carry that hope for you until you are able to cultivate it within yourself. 

A Higher Level of Care at Spero Center at The Meadows

A Higher Level of Care

We know it can be scary to take that first step, even when you know help is needed. Our trained admissions specialists are here to make the entire process easier, helping you on your way toward a more healthy and productive life. Our admissions specialists can complete a confidential telephone assessment to help determine the appropriate level of care to fit your current needs, the needs of your patient, or those of a loved one.

What to Expect When you Call

When you or a loved one needs help, it can be hard to know where to turn. We understand. That’s why we have highly trained admissions specialists ready to walk you through the process. They’ll be with you every step of the way.

Admissions Center - Spero Center at The Meadows

Shawn Mallicoat - VP of Admissions & Patient Finance at Spero Center at The Meadows

I believe in MBH, what it has to offer, and the countless lives changed. I am committed to working with compassion and a sense of urgency to get you the answers you need to make a decision regarding treatment options.

Vice President, Admissions & Patient Finance

Paying for Treatment - Spero Center at The Meadows

Paying for Treatment

Admitting you need help is hard enough without worrying about how you’re going to pay for it. Our trained admissions specialists will walk you through the process and go over your financial options, including private pray, in-network insurance, and out-of-network providers.

Referring Professionals

We know you value your patients and want to be sure you find the right program for them when they need a higher level of care. Our goal is your goal: to give each individual the best possible chance for complete recovery and to restore balance to their life. We are committed to providing the highest level of individualized care in a safe, scenic, and nurturing environment. We will get your client on the road to recovery so that the two of you can complete the journey together.

Referring Professionals for Treatment - Spero Center at The Meadows

What to bring

In order to create the best treatment experience possible, we have established some community guidelines to keep the campus safe for everyone. 

Holding Hope for You

It may be hard to hope right now, but we know that change is within reach and you can find healing here. So, we’ll hold that hope for you until you’re able to believe that the life you may have been scared to even dream about is possible.

Contact Us

If you’ve tried other options before but didn’t get the results you wanted, we’re here to help. Hope and healing are possible.


Our admissions specialists are skilled at helping potential patients, loved ones, and referring professionals find the right treatment fit. A simple call can get the process started.