Stabilization Program - Sky


Following an intervention, escalating self-harm, dysregulation, or acute onset of mental health issues, we provide a safe landing and prepare you for the next step in treatment. 

An Important Step in the Journey

Growth and healing are hard work, but we want to be in the trenches with you – encouraging and gently challenging, cheerleading your progress, noticing when small shifts happen, and empowering you to experience yourself in a new way. Patients in our stabilization or “Sky” wing are with us for a short time, usually seven days or less. In this safe and secure environment, they may undergo detox, if needed, and medications have time to stabilize while patients learn tools for self-regulation so they can go on to be successful on one of our open campuses, fully engaged in the next part of their healing journey.



  • Emotional regulation focus 
  • Emphasis on coping skills 
  • “Q15” safety checks at 15-minute intervals 
  • A safe, secure setting for observation and assessment 
  • 7- to 14-day average stay 
  • Medication management requiring monitoring for destabilization risk 

who and what we treat

  • Adults 18 and older 
  • Current suicidal ideation 
  • Recent suicide attempt 
  • Substance-induced psychosis 
  • Interventions 
  • Substance detox 
  • Recent manic episode 
  • Ongoing medication changes requiring close observation 
  • Those who need a “gentle landing” to acclimate into treatment 

Who is Right for Spero’s Sky Program?

Patients in our stabilization or Sky program have likely recently experienced a period of suicidal feelings or behaviors, impulsivity, disorganized thoughts, or just a bit of a departure from their baseline. Others may need to detox from drugs or alcohol. While some people may have needed involuntary hospitalization in the past, all of Spero’s Sky patients have agreed to seek treatment on our safe and secure wing. Our goal isn’t to do extensive treatment in our Sky wing but rather to help stabilize patients so they can successfully transfer to the next appropriate place, whether that’s one of our MBH programs or somewhere else.

Our Facility

Spero is a soft landing place characterized by growth, hope, and kindness. Our intention is that when you step foot on our campus, you feel surrounded by warmth, the welcome and compassion of our staff, and a sense of safety. The Sky wing has multiple patient lounges, frequent access to an outdoor courtyard, space for self-regulation and self-expression, and comfortable bedrooms. Subacute care settings and secure treatment environments have gotten a bad rap, thanks in large part to inaccurate depictions in pop culture, but we’ve been thoughtful in the building’s design and furnishings to ensure safety without sacrificing patient comfort. In fact, in our safe and secure environment, many safety-oriented features should be all but invisible to our patients.

The Spero Center at The Meadows

What Treatment Looks Like

Those on the Sky/stabilization wing benefit from daily groups and meetings with their psychiatric provider.  We also integrate strengths-based and positive psychology into our clinical programming. Our clinical work is grounded in DBT, CBT, ACT, and the Meadows Model, and we will draw from other modalities when needed as well. Our schedule also includes holistic options, regulation-based activities, and gym access. Programming is lighter in this safe and secure program because we want to give each individual the time their mind and body needs to find equilibrium again. 

Methods we use:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • The Meadows Model
  • Brain Center
  • Art Therapy
  • Yoga

The Role of Family

We know that the support of loved ones plays a key role in treatment, but since patients are with us for such a short time, family involvement at this level of care is limited to general updates on progress toward transferring to one of our other campuses. Family programming is an integral part of all other MBH inpatient programs, and we encourage loved ones to take full advantage of that opportunity.

The Role of the Family in Addiction Treatment - Spero Center at The Meadows

At Spero, we know that patients are more than the problems they’re seeking help for, and we want to use that in the service of cultivating resilience, wellbeing, recovery, and ultimately a life they’re excited to live.


The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows
The Spero Center at The Meadows

Safety First

The security and safety of our patients is our highest priority. While admission is always voluntary, Spero’s Sky wing is safe and secure. While Sky patients may have awareness of staff opening doors for them, our hope is that they will still feel a sense of personal freedom for the short time that they are with us. In fact, many of our safety-oriented features should be all but invisible to our patients. We also keep our patients safe by supporting them anywhere they might struggle, from the dining room to patient lounges and our outside smoking area.

Our Ground­breaking Brain Center

Unique to The Meadows, our Brain Center provides patients with access to the latest and most effective technology designed to promote self-regulation skills that enhance and expedite the recovery process. Neurofeedback and nervous system regulation are used in tandem with our traditional treatment process.

Promoting Self-Regulation Skills - Sper Center at The Meadows

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