Spero Center

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Spero Center

We’re expanding the scope of who The Meadows can help by offering acute stabilization and more customized program options.


Spero Center at The Meadows meets two distinctly different needs under one roof: providing a safe and secure setting for short-term stabilization and a gentler environment for highly individualized treatment, all done with the experience and expertise that comes with the Meadows name.

Stabilization Program - Sky


Our Stabilization or “Sky” wing is for those who need a few days before they can safely admit to one of our other inpatient programs for treatment. They may have recently experienced a period of suicidal feelings or behaviors, impulsivity, disorganized thoughts, or just a bit of a departure from their baseline. In this safe and secure setting, medications can stabilize while patients learn tools for self-regulation and are assessed to ensure they’ll be successful on our open campuses.

Spero Sky:

  • Short-term stay
  • Safe and secure wing
  • Stabilization/detox
  • Prep for another program


Our Residential or “River” wing is for those who need a gentler treatment environment and highly individualized treatment plan in order to thrive. They likely struggle with a long-standing mood disorder such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, have experienced complex trauma, may have physical concerns, and struggle in relationships. They may feel fragile or be advocating for a treatment program we don’t have available on another campus, and River’s 45-day program can be customized or extended to meet their needs.

Spero River:

  • Gentler environment
  • Individualized program
  • Customizable
  • 45-day stay + option to extend

The Meadows Model

The proprietary Meadows Model, based on our own Pia Mellody’s groundbreaking Developmental Model of Immaturity, is at the core of Spero’s treatment. By addressing the root causes of addiction, mood disorders, and more, patients are able to achieve lasting recovery.

The best part of my job is seeing patients improve and grow into their new lives. It’s awe-inspiring to see someone gradually learn to love themselves, and my favorite thing is when someone who was in deep pain experiences moments of real joy and connection, maybe for the first time ever.

Executive Director, Spero Center

Our Sister Programs

Over the years, The Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family of programs has grown and changed to meet the demonstrated needs of patients. Today, we offer numerous highly specialized treatment programs to overcome trauma, addiction, eating disorders, sex and intimacy issues, and mood disorders as part of a comprehensive treatment process.


Our admissions specialists are skilled at helping potential patients, loved ones, or referring professionals find the right treatment fit. A simple call can get the process started.

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