About Us

About Us

Backed by 45+ years of experience.

Programs Born Out of a Distinct Need

While many have benefitted from Meadows treatment programs for decades, others weren’t a fit for any of our existing programs and had to be turned away. Spero Center was born to make a place for them.

Stabilization Program - Sky - Spero Center at The Meadows


A Stop Before Treatment

Patients in our Sky or Stabilization wing are with us for a short time, usually seven days or less. In this secure environment, medications have time to stabilize while patients learn tools for self-regulation so they can go on to be successful on one of our open campuses, fully engaged in the next part of their healing journey. Our goal isn’t to do extensive treatment at Sky, but rather to help stabilize patients so they can transfer to one of our other programs successfully.


A More Customized Option

What works for one person may not produce results for another. Spero’s Residential or River program makes a place for those who need a gentler environment, a more customized treatment approach, or have unique needs that can’t be accommodated in one of our other programs. A River patient may need treatment we don’t have available on our other campuses. Here, we will help them cultivate self-compassion and ownership for their healing journey.

A Customized Residential Treatment Option - Spero Center at The Meadows

Why Choose Us

Meadows programs have built a reputation as the nation’s premier treatment option. Spero continues that legacy. Located one hour northwest of Phoenix, our scenic Wickenburg, Arizona campus is nestled in the serene Sonoran Desert, making it an ideal place to focus on recovery.

The Meadows Model - Spero Center at The Meadows

The Meadows Model

Created by our own Pia Mellody, one of the preeminent authorities in the fields of addiction and relationships, the proprietary Meadows Model at the core of our treatment program is based on her Developmental Model of Immaturity. Unresolved trauma from the past results in present behaviors, addictions, and mental health issues. By addressing the trauma at the root, patients are able to achieve not just temporary relief but lasting recovery.

Who We Are

At Spero Center, you’ll find a talented team of professionals using the latest therapeutic modalities alongside time-tested, research-based methods. We know that each patient comes to us with a unique story, and that’s why our team treats them as individuals, not cases, working with them to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth.

The Latest Therapeutic Modalities - Spero Center at The Meadows

Reach Out to Us

If you’ve tried other options before but didn’t get the results you wanted, we’re here to help. Hope and healing are possible.